Type E Android. The E is short for Energy-absorbing.

Based on Androids 19 and 20, these models are designed around the ability to absorb energy. The bodies of Type E Androids are fully artificial, as with the Type FM; they are not, however, modular in design. Another difference is that Type E Androids may be formerly human, though not in the same way as Type H; while Type H have had their organic bodies converted into cyborgs, a Type E may merely have organic parts, such as a brain, incorporated into an otherwise mechanical body.

The main bodily feature of Type E Androids is the round crystal in the palms of their hands. These nodes are what allow Type E Androids to absorb ki energy. They can do so by touch, ie grabbing a person, by which they are able to extract more energy, or by grabbing incoming ki attacks and absorbing them instead. The ki absorb skill works the best for Type E Androids, in that it has a 50% chance of working, as opposed to Type FM's chance of 35%. (Type H gets no absorb skills at all).

Also unlike the other types, the Type E Android can eventually gain an upgraded form of absorb. Like the upgraded shields, the upgraded absorb skill overwrites the normal absorb skill permanently. So when you use the normal absorb, and you have the upgraded form learned, it uses the upgraded form instead. The normal form of absorb gives double tech level gains for the damage it does, as well as draining 5% of the opponents energy. However, the upgraded form gives tripple tech level gains for its damage, and drains 10% of the opponents energy.

Racial powerlevel gains modifier is 280%

Type E Androids can use all Android eq like the other types can, as well as use all tech level chips.


Type E Androids may be fully mechanical, or may be cyborgs incorporating organic components. They appear to be generally human; in the case of those who were formerly human, they tend to appear as they did in life.




Basic SkillsEdit

             Name                   TL Needed         Max
                   aid                   1,000       95%
                  kick                   5,000       95%
                 punch                   5,000       95%
      aggressive style                  15,000       95%
                 block                  15,000       95%
       defensive style                  15,000       95%
              uppercut                  25,000       95%
            zanzoken 1                  50,000       100%
             axehandle                  75,000       95%
         berserk style                 100,000       95%
                 dodge                 100,000       95%
         evasive style                 100,000       95%
                  skin                 250,000       95%
             charge L1                 500,000       100%
             charge L2               1,000,000       100%
            zanzoken 2               1,000,000       100%
         second attack               2,000,000       95%
                   dcd               2,500,000       95%
             charge L3              10,000,000       100%
            zanzoken 3              25,000,000       100%
             charge L4              50,000,000       100%
          third attack             100,000,000       95%

Racial AbilitiesEdit

  • Skills in italics require integrating a Chip to be activated.
             Name                   TL Needed         Max
           energy ball                  40,000       95%
                   fly                  50,000       95%
              suppress                 250,000       100%
              eye beam                 500,000       95%
                absorb                 750,000       95%
       electric shield               1,000,000       95%
                    t4               6,000,000       100%
           finger beam              10,000,000       95%
               battery              20,000,000       95%
             ki absorb              20,000,000       95%
        satellite jump              25,000,000       100%
                    t3              40,000,000       100%
         self destruct              50,000,000       95%
    upgraded shield L1              50,000,000       95%
    upgraded absorb L1              75,000,000       95%
        multi eye beam             150,000,000       95%
                    t2             150,000,000       100%
                    t1           1,000,000,000       100%
            ssd bomber           2,000,000,000       95%
                   vm1          5,000,000,000       100%
                   vm2          25,000,000,000       100%
          customattack          50,000,000,000       95%
           sonic blast          50,000,000,000       95%
          aiming laser         100,000,000,000       95%
                 omega         100,000,000,000       100%
                    x1         300,000,000,000       100%


  • Android 19 was fully mechanical while Dr. Gero, having converted himself into Android 20 by placing his brain into a mechanical body, would be classified as a cyborg.