Type FM Android. The FM is short for Fully Mechanical, referring to their completely artificial bodies.

The FM Type Android in the game is partially based on Android 16 from the show. Unlike the other Android types, the bodies of Type FM Androids can wildly fluctuate in design. While Type H Androids appear as they did as humans and Type E tends to the same, Type FM has few restrictions and may appear only vaguely humanoid as their function requires.

One of the common traits in the FM Types designs, however, is they are largely modular-based; their limbs and components can be removed and replaced, giving rise to to a number of their incredible attacks. One of the most commonly known is rocket punch, whereby a Type FM Android can fire one of their arms off like a rocket at an enemy, in order to do heavy damage.

Like the Type E, the Type FM has the capability to absorb ki energy. However, unlike Type E, Type FM cannot gain upgraded forms of this technique, nor can it store up and fire absorbed ki energy. The ki absorb skill for Type FM also has a slightly lower chance of working. Ie, Type E's ki absorb has a 50% chance, whereas Type FM has a 35% chance.

Overall, the FM Type is designed to be the 'strongest' Type of Android, in regards to its literal strength, as well as its attacks; for the most part, anyways.

Racial powerlevel gains modifier is 275%

Type FM Androids are able to use all Android eq, just like the other Android Types, as well as all tech level chips.


Being completely artificial, there are few rules regarding the actual structure of a Type FM Android. While typically designed to resemble humans, it is only limited by the imagination of the creator. The one common feature is that they are able to remove and replace body parts and components with ease.




Basic SkillsEdit

             Name                   TL Needed        Max
                   aid                   1,000       95%
                  kick                   5,000       95%
                 punch                   5,000       95%
      aggressive style                  15,000       95%
                 block                  15,000       95%
       defensive style                  15,000       95%
              uppercut                  25,000       95%
            zanzoken 1                  50,000       100%
             axehandle                  75,000       95%
         berserk style                 100,000       95%
                 dodge                 100,000       95%
         evasive style                 100,000       95%
                  skin                 250,000       95%
             charge L1                 500,000       100%
             charge L2               1,000,000       100%
            zanzoken 2               1,000,000       100%
         second attack               2,000,000       95%
                   dcd               2,500,000       95%
             charge L3              10,000,000       100%
            zanzoken 3              25,000,000       100%
             charge L4              50,000,000       100%
          third attack             100,000,000       95%

Racial AbilitiesEdit

  • Skills in italics require integrating a Chip to be activated.
             Name                   TL Needed        Max
           energy ball                  40,000       95%
                   fly                  50,000       95%
              suppress                 250,000       100%
              eye beam                 500,000       95%
                absorb                 750,000       95%
       electric shield               1,000,000       95%
           enhancement               1,000,000       95%
          rocket punch               1,000,000       95%
          cruise punch               5,000,000       95%
                    t4               6,000,000       100%
           finger beam              10,000,000       95%
             ki absorb              20,000,000       95%
        satellite jump              25,000,000       100%
                    t3              40,000,000       100%
         self destruct              50,000,000       95%
    upgraded shield L1              50,000,000       95%
           hells flash             100,000,000       95%
                    t2             150,000,000       100%
   double rocket punch             500,000,000       95%
                    t1           1,000,000,000       100%
            ssd bomber           2,000,000,000       95%
                   vm1           5,000,000,000       100%
               railgun          25,000,000,000       95%
                   vm2          25,000,000,000       100%
          customattack          50,000,000,000       95%
           sonic blast          50,000,000,000       95%
          aiming laser         100,000,000,000       95%
                 omega         100,000,000,000       100%
                    x1         300,000,000,000       100%


  • Unlike the formerly human Type H or Type E Androids, Type FM Androids have little free will outside of their programming.

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