A "Moon" refers to any natural satellite orbiting a planet. For most game purposes, this refers specifically to Earth's moon (Luna).

Certain races undergo unique effects when under the influence of the Full Moon:

  • Those of Saiyan blood (including Halfbreed and Praet) will, if their tail is intact, transform into the mighty Oozaru form if they gaze at a full moon.
  • Werewolves experience increased damage during the full moon.
  • Konatsians will more quickly learn steps for their Sword Dance skills during a full moon.

The Full Moon occurs during the nights of the 15th and 30th of each in-game month. While this is more frequent than the usual 28 day lunar cycle, this is done to be more convenient for the player. Coincidentally, the demonic Makeo Star shines on these same evenings.


Those with Saiyan blood have created this technique as a way to facilitate the powerful Oozaru transformation in the absense of a natural full moon.

The user creates a bright ball of pale light in their hand before throwing it into the sky and detonating it, creating a temporary artificial moon. If the Saiyan's tail is intact, they must simply look up at the sky while in an untransformed state.

  • Note that this technique must be used outside, only works in clear weather, and the transformation may end with little or no warning.
  • Fakemoon costs 1000 ki to use and may be used outside of combat.