Male and Female Kaios

The Shin-jin race are born from the magical fruit of the "Kaiju" World Trees located on Planet Kaishin in the Otherworld, rather than in the mortal dimension. Some Shin-jin are fortunate enough to achieve the status of Kaio, "King of Worlds." The Kaios are tasked with overseeing and protecting various planets and species throughout the universe.

Most Shin-jin are born with good, pure hearts, though there are a small number who are instead born filled with evil. While not a particularly strong warrior race, the Kaios do possess many incredible techniques and abilities as well as extremely long lives.

The Shin-jin were nearly wiped out during an attack by Bibidi and Bibidi's ultimate creation, Majin Buu. However, a few of the Kaios and a single Kaioshin managed to survive the slaughter and have rebuilt again over time. The Kaios have begun playing an ever-increasing role in the events of present times.

Powerful Kaios may achieve the rank of Kaioshin, while those Shin-jin born with evil hearts are cast into the Demon Realm to become Makaios.

Racial powerlevel gains modifier is 310%

Kaios are capable of utilizing up to Kaioken 14 as well as Mystic 35.


For the most part similar in height and build to humans, Kaios may have slightly more variation among them. They typically have pointed ears and skin that spans a wide array of colors.


The Shin-jin race by far predate nearly all known civilizations, with the rare Supreme Kaioshins capable of living for millions of years. It is not known how they became aware of the mortal realm or how long the Kaios have watched over it.


The Kaios are inherently good and benevolent beings. This does not, however, mean that they are necessarily kind, tactful, polite, or pacifists. Like other races, they possess a wide range of personalities and emotions; however, they are inclined to value the greater good and wellbeing of others above their own safety and comfort.


Basic SkillsEdit

                 Name                  PL Needed      Max
                focus ki                     250     100%
                    kick                   5,000      95%
                   punch                   5,000      95%
        aggressive style                  15,000      95%
                   block                  15,000      95%
         defensive style                  15,000      95%
              zanzoken 1                  50,000     100%
               axehandle                  75,000      95%
           berserk style                 100,000      95%
                   dodge                 100,000      95%
           evasive style                 100,000      95%
                meditate                 100,000      95%
                    skin                 250,000      95%
               charge L1                 500,000     100%
               charge L2               1,000,000     100%
              zanzoken 2               1,000,000     100%
           second attack               2,000,000      95%
                     dcd               2,500,000      95%
               charge L3              10,000,000     100%
              zanzoken 3              25,000,000     100%
               charge L4              50,000,000     100%
            third attack             100,000,000      85%
        kuukanteni punch           1,000,000,000      95%
              kitransfer           1,500,000,000     100%
           fourth attack          15,000,000,000      75%

Racial AbilitiesEdit

              Name                     PL Needed      Max
             energy ball                  40,000      95%
                     fly                  50,000      95%
                suppress                 250,000     100%
            scatter shot                 500,000      95%
                 kaioken               1,000,000      95%
                   sense               1,000,000      95%
        destructive wave              10,000,000      95%
    instant transmission              25,000,000      95%
               dodon ray              50,000,000      95%
               shockwave              50,000,000      95%
             solar flare             200,000,000      95%
           psionic blast             250,000,000      95%
              aftershock             500,000,000      95%
              split-form             500,000,000      95%
                 sokidan             600,000,000      90%
             spirit bomb             750,000,000      95%
           wisdom shield             800,000,000      95%
               ascension           1,000,000,000      95%
            magic repair           1,000,000,000     100%
               auralight           1,500,000,000      95%
                 ki heal           1,500,000,000      95%
       alpha omega blast           2,000,000,000      95%
            divine wrath           2,000,000,000      95%
             ether lance           2,000,000,000      95%
             kaio create           2,000,000,000      95%
                  mystic           2,000,000,000     100%
             energy ring           2,500,000,000      15%
          enhanced sense          10,000,000,000      95%
            sauzer blade          10,000,000,000      95%
            customattack          50,000,000,000      95%
         warp kamehameha         350,000,000,000      95%
    katchin needle storm      15,000,000,000,000      95%


  • Of the Kaios shown in Dragonball Z, only Kibito is given a name rather than being referred to by a title.

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