The Potara Earrings are a unique set of items usually attributed to the Kaioshin. When the left and right Potara are worn by two different individuals, it allows for a powerful form of Fusion.

Once a base powerlevel of 1,000,000,000 has been attained, Potara Fusion can be performed by two players wearing the items A Potara Earring (left) and A Potara Earring (right). The player wearing the (left) earring is the dominant in the fusion- this character will retain their primary race, transformations, and skills as well as gaining skills depending on the race of the secondary character. The secondary character, the one wearing the (right) potara, will be permanently frozen and no longer usable.

Once you have the two characters you wish to fuse and the two earrings, you should equip the earrings appropriately, transfer any and all items you wish to keep onto your primary character (or another alt besides the secondary in the fusion), release any racial rank, and fully power down both characters while they are in the same room. Once these conditions are met, notify an Immortal that you wish to fuse.

  • You may choose to receive a free name change at the time of fusion. The name should be some form of combination between the two character names. This is completely optional, but do not ask again later if you initially turn down the offer.

These races may fuse with each other in any combination:





These races may fuse only with another member of their own race:



These races may fuse only with one another: