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Many years before the settling of Planet Plant, the Saiyan race traveled the stars. Though their homeworld has been all but forgotten, a small group sought to colonize another world before the rest moved on to Planet Plant. The descendants of these settlers have come to be known as the Praet.

Though essentially they are Saiyans, millenia in isolation has resulted in changes to their genetics and culture. Unlike their Saiyan cousins, Praets typically do not emit their ki into beams and blasts. Rather, they train to internalize their own aura and focus energy into their direct strikes. Over the years they have become exceptional fighters with remarkable melee abilities.

Praets do share the ability to transform into the Super Saiyan state. They are not, however, able to ascend to the familiar SSJ2 form due to the subtle differences in their aura. This has instead allowed them to discover and manifest new and unique forms of their own to enhance strength and speed.

Racial powerlevel gains modifier is 260%


Praets are nearly identical to Saiyans down to the genetic level. It is difficult to even determine what exactly causes them to differ in their transformations. Like Saiyans, they generally have black eyes and black or brown hair. Similarly, Praet hair is commonly somewhat spikey, possibly due to being more coarse than Human hair.

One other minor, yet notable difference allows Praets to not simply control their Oozaru state, but gain control over when they transform. It is through manipulation of this form that they achieve their Ultima transformation, and dedication enbales control of the golden Magnum Rex form. Mastering the Magnum Rex allows a Praet to maintain their form even under a full moon.

It is presumed that Praets and Humans are capable of producing Halfbreed children, though if this pairing has occurred then they may be indistinguishable from Saiyan-Human hybrids. A Saiyan-Praet mix would be nearly impossible to determine without a detailed genetic examination.


The Praet long ago settled a planet during the Saiyan migration. It is still unclear where they came from or if they were simply colonizing new worlds.


Basic SkillsEdit


              Name                   PL Needed      Max

              focus ki                     250      100%
                   aid                   1,000       95%
                  kick                   5,000       95%
                 punch                   5,000       95%
      aggressive style                  15,000       95%
                 block                  15,000       95%
       defensive style                  15,000       95%
            zanzoken 1                  50,000      100%
             axehandle                  75,000       95%
         berserk style                 100,000       95%
                 dodge                 100,000       95%
         evasive style                 100,000       95%
              meditate                 100,000       95%
                 combo                 150,000       95%
                  skin                 250,000       95%
             charge L1                 500,000      100%
             charge L2               1,000,000      100%
            dual wield               1,000,000       95%
            zanzoken 2               1,000,000      100%
         second attack               2,000,000       95%
                   dcd               2,500,000       95%
              spinkick               2,500,000       95%
             charge L3              10,000,000      100%
            zanzoken 3              25,000,000      100%
             charge L4              50,000,000      100%
          third attack             100,000,000       85%
            kitransfer           1,500,000,000      100%
         fourth attack          15,000,000,000       75%
          fifth attack          50,000,000,000       65%

Racial AbilitiesEdit


              Name                   PL Needed      Max

   oozaru mouth cannon                     100       95%
          shadow blade                     100       95%
      near death gains                   5,000      100%
           energy ball                  40,000       95%
                   fly                  50,000       95%
          scatter shot                 250,000       95%
                 sense                 250,000       95%
              suppress                 250,000       95%
               javelin                 500,000       95%
               kaioken                 500,000       95%
              fakemoon                 750,000       95%
                  ssj1               3,000,000       95%
      destructive wave              10,000,000       95%
                 ussj1              20,000,000       95%
  instant transmission              25,000,000       95%
                raizou              75,000,000       95%
                 ussj2             400,000,000       95%
            aftershock             500,000,000       95%
           aura shield             800,000,000       95%
          maxima power           1,000,000,000       95%
             auralight           1,500,000,000       95%
             kamakazie           2,000,000,000       95%
          ultima power           2,500,000,000      100%
        enhanced sense          10,000,000,000       95%
          sauzer blade          10,000,000,000       95%
           hyper combo          15,000,000,000       95%
          customattack          50,000,000,000       95%
            sword rain         100,000,000,000       95%
         destiny slash         350,000,000,000       95%
          release rage       1,000,000,000,000       95%
              tri-form      75,000,000,000,000       95%
            magnum rex     100,000,000,000,000       95%


  • Praets are a custom race unique to the codebase
  • Due to it's presumed Latin base, "Praet" should correctly be pronounced "Preet" rather than "Prayt".
  • When the 'Magnum Rex' transformation reaches 75% proficiency, Praets will no longer transform into an Oozaru under the full moon. This signifies their mastery over the form.

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