DBNU contains many quests scattered throughout the game. Some of them are very well hidden while repeatable generic quests can be received from an NPC.

Repeatable QuestsEdit

Speaking to Ox King (located below recall) will allow you to take part in timed random quests. These quests may involve exploring an area (to locate a specific room), making a delivery to a particular mob, killing a specific mob, or finding a special item based on a hint.

In the game a player may type 'help quest' for a full list of relevant commands.

Item QuestsEdit

Skill UnlocksEdit


Spirit Bomb

Race QuestsEdit

Werewolf: The werewolf quest is on Earth near New South City. To get to the starting point, you can walk from the Instant Transmission point "kids", which is the default recall point. You have to head all the way East, and make your way through the Dino Forest to the South-East. When you come to the split in paths, take the East path and immediately go North when you can. To make your way through the Maze, just head North as much as you can and then go West. From here, look at the log and it will send you on a series of directions to continue the quest. After you have completed the riddles and aquired the Eyes of the Wolf, you can use it to open the log that previously blocked your way. From there, head all the way North, then West, then North, then West, then finally North again. You'll find a small boy begging for someone to save him from a vicious werewolf. If you are evil you have to murder the small boy, while if you are devout you must save him and slay the werewolf, which will provide you with the next key in order to advance. From that point, you must make your way through the temple, with each floor housing other werewolves that drop keys for the next floor. Once you reach the top, you'll be met by the Alpha Wolf Fenris who is quick to challenge you to a fight. In order for you to become a werewolf, you have to be around his powerlevel to ensure you have a lengthy fight. During your battle, he will continue to bite you and attempt you change you, but this will also sometimes cause you to be slayed. If he slays you, you have to go to the undertaker and have him gather your body so you can aquire your keys, and go through the temple again. Like all quest races, ensure you don't hold a race rank while attempting the quest.

Entry QuestsEdit