Standard Races

Terran: Krillin, Oolong, Pilaf, other Earthlings

Saiyan: Goku, Vegeta, Bardock

Halfbreed: Gohan, Goten, Trunks

Namek: Piccolo, Dende, Nail

Android-h: Eighteen, Seventeen

Android-e: Dr. Gero, Nineteen

Android-fm: Sixteen, Arale

Bio-Android: Cell, Cell Jr

Kaio: Kibito, King Kai, Supreme Kai

Dragon: Syn Shenron, Eis Shenron

Golem: Majin Buu, an artificial demon

Makaio: Dabura, Towa, Demigra

Makyan: Garlic Jr, Spiceboys

Fierian: Demons of living, elemental flame (Custom race)

Icer: Frieza, Cooler, King Cold

Mutant: Ginyu Force, Slug's Crew, Turles' Crew

Wizard: Bibidi, Babidi

Tuffle: Bebi, Dr. Raichi, Dr. Myuu

Konatsu: Tapion, Minotia

Praet: Offshoot of the Saiyans specializing in melee (Custom race)

Aquarian: Arqua (Fish Warrior in the Otherworld Tournament)

Yardratian: Soba (Race who taught Goku Instant Transmission)

Quest Races

Angel: Whis, Tenshi, Gatchan, traditional mythos

Werewolf: Man-Wolf, traditional mythos

Vampire: Trampire, Fangs, Count Drac, traditional mythos

Fusion Races

Potara Fusions

  • These fusions require a set of Potara Earrings to perform. An Immortal is required to complete the fusion.

Saiyan-s: Vegito

Saiyan-t: Concept of Goku fused with Hercule

Saiyan-n: Concept of Goku fused with Dende













Kaio-k: Kibito-Kai



Racial Fusions

  • These fusions are performed using racial skills when both characters meet the criteria.

Terran-g: Majuub

Super Namek (Namek-Namek): Piccolo after fusing with Kami, possibly Lord Slug

Hellfighter (Android-H + Android-H*): Super 17

  • Hellfighter will likely require an Android-H and Machine Mutant after the addition of the race.

Special Fusions

  • Super Android requires an Immortal command to initiate the fusion once the criteria are met.

Super Android (Android-H + Android-E + Android-FM): Super Android 13

Possible Upcoming Races

Oni: King Yemma, Mez, Goz

Machine Mutant: General Rilldo, Meta Cooler, Hellfighter 17

Weapon Proficiency

Certain races are more proficient with weaponry, while most deal more damage in combat while unarmed. These "Weapon Races" are listed below, and a full explanation may be found Here.



Click HERE for the full list of skills.

Click HERE for a comprehensive list of Transformations.

Passive Traits

While not technically skills, various races possess rare or unique qualities.

Listed Here

Starting Traits

Another kind of passive ability, these traits are permanent effects chosen during character creation.

  •  Alleat       | Can Eat Any item (does not heal hp with all items)
  •  Extragains   | Adds a certain percent to gains
  •  extrazeni    | Adds a percent to zeni gains
  •  Alwayslight  | It is always light
  •  fastheal     | Automatic healing rate raised
  •  Nobreating   | Don't need air
  •  ExtraDefense | In battle there is a chance for a special defense to happen
  •  HigherZeni   | Starts with 100,000 Zeni
  •  HeadStart    | Starting stats are higher than normal
  •  HighEnergy   | Energy Starts at 250,000

Other Notes

  • While "Hellfighter" technically refers to the machine mutant copy of 17 created in Hell, in the game the term is used to refer to the fusion as a matter of convenience and to distinguish it from Super Android.
  • Many thanks to TwistedAkai for creating the Kaio page and adding the skill template.