The ingame content of DBNU spans much of Dragonball Z and GT with a bit of Dragonball in the mix. There is no set time period for the mobs and areas that appear and the content overlaps.

However, the Roleplaying setting is independant and takes place roughly 20 years after Dragonball GT, that is 25 years after Dragonball Z in Age 809.

This List was used for reference.

Official TimelineEdit

  • Age 737

Goku born

Planet Vegeta destroyed by Frieza

  • Age 749

Bulma meets Goku; the Dragonball series begins

  • Age 753

Goku kills King Piccolo

Piccolo Jr born

  • Age 757

Gohan born

  • Age 761

Raditz arrives on Earth; Dragonball Z begins

  • Age 762

Planet Namek destroyed by Frieza

  • Age 767

The Androids attack

Goten born

  • Age 774

Majin Buu awakened, defeated

  • Age 779

Pan born

  • Age 784

Goku begins training with Uub

  • Age 789

Goku is transformed into a child by the Black Star Dragonballs; Dragonball GT begins

  • Age 790

The Shadow Dragons are defeated

RP TimelineEdit

  • Age 790-809


A book released by Gohan spreads the knowledge of Ki control

In the wake of Mr. Satan's influence, Pan builds momentum for widespread interest in martial arts

Krillin establishes the New Turtle Style School of Martial Arts; Tien Shinhan establishes the New Crane Style School

Trunks and Goten establish the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School of ki-enhanced fencing

A group calling themselves the Red Ribbon Reserves have recovered one of Dr. Gero's backups and begun construction on new androids. Many androids have been recovered and reformed by Capsule Corp.

Space travel has become more commonplace with the general populace now aware of alien life in the galaxy; however, it is still rare for humans to travel offworld

The Fierians are released from the sealed cave

An unknown group has created new Golems in an effort to revive Majin Buu

Outer SpaceEdit

After Planet Vegeta was restored using a wish on the Dragonballs, much of the Saiyan race was resurrected using extract from a Tree of Might.

A rebellion has begun among the Saiyans. There are those who support the revived King Vegeta as the rightful ruler, others who oppose his rule due to his failure against Frieza, and still others who abandoned their planet to enlist with the restructured Planet Trade Organization.

The Planet Trade Organization, having been destabilized by the loss of Frieza as well as King Cold and Cooler, has come under the control of Frieza's son, Kuriza.